Why Are People Choosing Serviced Apartments Over Hotels?

When we decided to take on our next accommodation venture in 2015 we decided to create a collection of serviced apartments rather than go down the route of a traditional hotel set up. This modern approach has been met with a fantastic response from travellers, leading to us receiving a 9.0 rating on booking.com. There are a number of reasons why travellers are switching to serviced apartments in their masses. We will go through a few of the benefits below.


Apartments often deliver far better value for money than a hotel room. By cutting unnecessary hotel frills guests can save a significant chunk on their accomodation. Unlike many apartment complexes Caro Short Stay still have a 24/hr front desk so the standard of customer service is maintained despite your saving.

Extra Space

The extra room is perfect for businesses travellers who require a work space. No more will you be forced to sit on your bed with your laptop on your knee before an important meeting. Our apartment’s all come with a table desk and chair making working easier. Many tourists also enjoy the extra space to relax after a busy day of sightseeing.

Guests that require longer stays aren’t restricted to the confines of a bedroom. If you’re spending a few weeks away from home a lounge area and kitchen can be a godsend for your homely cravings. Spending 30 days or so crammed into a hotel bedroom it can become depressing, which will hamper your productivity.


It can be so refreshing to feel like you have your own place when working away from home. You can do your own washing, cooking, cleaning instead of having to live out of a suitcase. It is also easy to invite a friend over for a night and sleep on the sofa bed.


Privacy can also be a big factor in why guests are choosing serviced apartments over hotels. You can have a whole living space to sleep, relax and work with no interruptions from housekeeping. You are free to come and go on your schedule. There’s also no shame in fancying a mid-trip night in with a glass of wine over another evening at a bar.

Serviced apartments are often mixed in with local’s apartments. At Caro Parker Street you may be staying next to a full-time resident so are therefore able to experience the city like a local. Hotels are often situated away from the more interesting parts of the city centre and surrounded by touristy restaurants. Apartments allow you to freely roam the city as if you were a local.


Take a look at our Parker Street apartments to understand the true benefits of luxurious and excellent value serviced apartments. Contact us directly for the best rates.

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